Watsons on the move

Over this next week we are moving office to a bigger and better premises. The firm has slowly been expanding and needs more room now, so the move was the most logical way forward.
As a result there is going to be a fair amount of disruption to service, but we are hoping to keep it to a minimum and hope that the move goes as smoothly as possible.



The new address will be Watsons Solicitors, second Floor, Ferndale House, Trinity SQ, Llandudno.
The phone numbers will remain the same, as long as BT do what they are told .

About paul @ watsons solicitors
Member of Chartered Institute of Legal Executives and a litigator for one of the leading firms of solicitors in Consumer Credit Act litigation. I was the fee earner in the landmark ruling of Harrison v Link Financial Limited and many other County Court decisions.

One Response to Watsons on the move

  1. Hi, Finally after 3 years some contact. I completely understand you are new team and would not dream of accusing you of anything. I simply need you help. After the infamous ATW went into hiding I lost all contact with my case he was handling. I therefore need help in the return of all my documentation and paperwork I sent to him in regard of my case. Can you help in any way or point me in the right direction please ??

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