The Consumer Action Group….

Just been looking at the Consumer Action Group website. I find it somewhat strange that they edit the name of the firm i work for and seem to remove any reference to the firm i work for, in fact any solicitors who do the work we do. Now i understand that this rule is so that the users get help on the forum and dont get rail roaded into going to lawyers, i get it. I also get that they want their users to avoid CMCs.

So heres what i dont get.

On the CAG website, it was plastered with links to Claims management companies offering to reclaim PPI!!! now that is clearly something that people can do themselves. They dont need a lawyer at all in most cases, unless they feel they need one of course. There are numerous free resources on the internet to do that.

There were also links to companies claiming to be able to write off your credit card debts. Now i happen to know a little about those type of things and can list tons of cases which ive won in court, and many many many more that have been won out of court.

It puzzles me that the Consumer Action Group would ban people from mentioning my firm, a firm who undertakes most of its representation under the terms of No Win No Fee agreements (Conditional Fee Agreements) and in most cases recovers the costs from the lender or debt purchaser who had brought the claim against the client yet it allows links to firms who charge excessive amounts of money. Surely if the users of these forums are in debt, the last thing  they need is to be facing links to firms that will charge them for services they could obtain themselves with a little guidance from the forum users. Furthermore, by refusing to allow links to firms like ours who fight for the consumers, it is denying the users of that arena the access to people who can assist them if they feel out of their depth and feel they need professional legal help.

Whats more, when you try to ask questions as to why they will not allow our firms name to appear, you dont get any reply. Oh well, not to worry i guess.

About paul @ watsons solicitors
Member of Chartered Institute of Legal Executives and a litigator for one of the leading firms of solicitors in Consumer Credit Act litigation. I was the fee earner in the landmark ruling of Harrison v Link Financial Limited and many other County Court decisions.

8 Responses to The Consumer Action Group….

  1. Alison says:

    What do you expect from CAG?

  2. Niddy says:

    Very amusing. Also to add if you’re a member of our forum which likes to pride itself as one of the leading consumer debt forums you’ll find yourself banned without explanation. If you try and post a link to us it’ll change our domain to “the last Internet page”.

    Very childish actions from a dying forum that’s trying to blinker its users from REAL help. After all, why not just check your credit file :p

  3. Jen says:

    Best Blog EVER!

  4. Amusingly, i have had a comment from someone calling themselves BOB calling me an idiot. Indeed i must be really silly, i mean look at all the cases this idiot won, look at the High Court precedent this idiot was involved in.

    My advice for BOB, if you want to see a real idiot, look in the mirror, and if it doesnt break, then the idiot will be trurly revealed

    now have a nice day and if you cant leave a nice comment, then dont leave any

    • Niddy says:

      Paul, you couldn’t make it up. I’m sure you’re a very happy ‘idiot’ after winning so many cases, but hey maybe BOB is just an anagram of ‘Bent Over Backwards’ when you shafted them mate 🙂

      • it seems bob wants to waste more of his life making silly comments.

        Personally i do not intend to approve them as i am not going to allow this to degenerate into a slagging match. If you dont like my blog Bob, dont read it.

        Its simple as that.

        but calling people idiots is not helpful nor is it something that i am going to put up with. Go back to the CAG and enjoy yourself there

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